What Are Binary Options | A Complete Review


“Binary Options” is a financial tool to exchange over a certain period of time on long or short markets. There are only two options are available for Trader: Win a large amount of money (75% – 95%) or lose the amount that is invested in this trade. It’s like betting on markets that are rising or falling. Binary options are extremely flexible. Any financial market can be traded and different time horizons can be used.

Forcast on the rising markets is termed as Call (Higher), whereas the falling markets forecast is known as Put (Lower).

I’m going to show you exactly what binary options are and how they function in this post. The key to success is understanding. Learn about the hazard in the following text and the opportunities to make money.

What are the Areas to Trade Binary Options in 2020?

I will teach you how to deal with Binary Options in the next steps. Before that let us discuss on the topic: Where to trade Binary Options?

You must meet a Binary Options Broker (see the table below). All these are the searched result for the safest companies that give traders the highest return. There are several companies are available around the world who are providing this financial service. You can open a demo account free of charge. This is a virtual money account so you can learn to trade risk-free.

Beginning Steps:

  • You need a financial service company (broker) (Binary Options)
  • Open a free virtual money demo account (virtual risk-free trading)
Broker: Review: Regulation: Yield: Advantages: Open Account:
1. IQ Option
5 out of 5 stars(5 / 5)
Read Review
CySEC (EU) 100%+ Best Platform
Highest Yield
Best Support
2. Olymp Trade
4.8 out of 5 stars(4.8 / 5)
Read Review
IFC 92%+ Huge diversity
High Yield 92%
Bonus Program
3. Expert Option
4.8 out of 5 stars(4.8 / 5)
Read Review
VFSC, FMRRC 90%+ Good Platform
Account Types
Good Education

Is there any Risk on Binary Options Trading?

In Online Investing, Safety is one of the most important factors. You should choose a reliable and good broker. I recommend that you use your investment with a regulated company. Look at my complete review of the binary options broker to find the best one. Trading firms are limited and unregulated. It is always up to the broker to trade Binary Options safely.

I’ve done a lot of research and I can clearly say a regulated broker doesn’t cheat their customers. Normally, unregulated brokers also don’t cheat. But because sometimes these are small and unknown companies, it’s not 100 percent safe.


It is safer to trade with a regulated broker than with an unregulated one.

Finally, you should use a regulated Binary Options trading broker safely. Whether it is safe or not, it always depends on the Broker. Do the research on your own and read my broker review on this website.

Safe and well-known regulatory authorities are:

  • CySEC (Europe)
  • The Financial Commission (International)
  • Vanuatu Financial Service Commission (Vanuatu)

Things that you Must Know Regarding the Online Platforms:

Binary Options Platforms are a huge variety and you need to check out your personal favorite. Developed software for any device today is very flexible and available. The computer (browser and desktop), smartphone and tablet can be traded. That means that if you have access to the Internet, you can trade from all over the world.

For new arrivals, it is really hard to learn to trade with the newly developed platforms. There are a lot of alternatives which can befuddle you. Most brokers will give you instruction material like video instructional exercises or venture to step guides. Additionally, you can approach the help for help by telephone, chat or email.

The platform offers mobility and routing. With indicators, technical tools, and different types of charts, you can do a personal chart analysis. Sometimes you’ll get direct access to the platform’s economic news. Indicators are commonly known to give you input on the market price. They can be customized to suit your needs. Therefore, different time frames can be analyzed.

Mobile Trading:

Today Mobile Trading is one of the most significant variables for trade effectively. It is an incredible chance to support your benefit. In the past traders couldn’t trade on the web or by means of a mobile telephone. So the alternatives were a lot of lower for making a benefit. To Android and iOS users, or any other phone, there are apps available. Check your trading account with your mobile phone 24 hours a day.

Computer Trading:

I think it’s better to use your computer’s web-based platform for analysis. There are often many more options than in the browser. You can also see the graph in more detail and a broader range. Using a computer, professional analysis can be done.

A Simple Guide on Binary Trading Tutorial

Being a trader, you have seral options to select Binary Options Platform. You can trade Commodities, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, etc. With the help of this tutorial, you can easily understand how Binary Trading exactly works to trade the financial object. The process is always the same as you can see in the following video and photo. Practice it simply in a free Demo Account.

Learn How to Trade Successfully

Now you need to imagine and predict the future direction of asset prices:

You can utilize the exceptionally customized exchanging foundation of a Binary Options broker to break down the graphs and get exchanging thoughts. It is critical to have a decent working strategy for the greatest benefit. Novices should utilize specialized investigation for exchanging the diagram. On the specialist stage, you can get familiar with it in various instruction recordings/centers.

After a lapse of time, Binary Options will always gets expired. Either 30 seconds or 5 months or more you can use the time horizon. It depends on the broker often. As you can see, you can exchange Binary Options in the short or long term.

After you have settled on the course and the expiry time for your trade you can “sign” the agreement with your intermediary. Simply click the call or the put catch. On certain stages, you need to affirm the trade.

In Call (Higher) the price gets increased within your expiration time and the value gets dropped in case of the Put (Lower).

In the event that you are directly in your choice, the representative will pay you a high resource benefit of 75-95%. The trade consequently closes after the expiry time. Now and then the intermediary enables you to close the trade before the expiry time closes. That is an approach to decrease the effect of an off-base choice.

Example – EUR/USD – 95 in percentage.

That means you can gain $195 on a certain time horizon if you invest the $100 number. The return on your investment is $100 and the gain is $95.

  1. Search for an asset that brings a high profit. In my experience, you are unable to compare the rewards with the most important returns, the outcome will be vastly improved at last. Some Binary Brokers offer you diverse record types with various resource benefits.
  2. Analyze the Platform Chart. You can pick distinctive time periods, markers or money-related news for your technique. Each Binary Broker offers you a few training, as well. Learn in online classes, recordings or training the best strategies of the world
  3. Selecting the Expiration Time for Binary Options. There are plenty of opportunities for your business. Some traders like it to trade options for the short term and some other traders like it to trade options for the long term.
  4. Pick a sum you need to put resources into your trade. The most time it begins at 1$.
  5. Advanced trade Binary Options via a Call or Put. There are only two options are available in the market and that is why it is termed as “binary”. At last, you win a high return or you lose your chose sum.

Binary Options Trading Conditions: Detailed Information

Any assets can be traded via Binary Options like forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and stocks. Most brokers give the choice to exchange in excess of 100 unique resources. The lapse time relies upon your broker. A few organizations furnish Binary Options with a period skyline of 30 seconds or less. Nowadays you get various choices on each broker.


  • Forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks and many more…
  • Choose from a time period spectrum (short-term – long-term)

Positive Yield can be As High As 95% on Investment Amount

Along with the time horizons, the yielding amount also depends on the broker. There is often a possibility of receiving a high payout of more than 90 percent of your investment, but there is no rule for yield value. Short-term traders sometimes have the lowest payout, and long-term trades sometimes have the highest payout. According to my knowledge, the yield for regular accounts is between 70 percent and 95 percent.

By creating a VIP account, you can also boost the yield amount. The majority of the merchants offer diverse record types, which are connected to the store sum. For instance, you will get a VIP account on the off chance that you store more than 3000$ on IQ Option. Only one out of every odd intermediary got the idea of record types however you should scan for it on the off chance that you intend to contribute a high measure of cash.

Know whether there is a Risk or not using the Binary Options

Binary Options are unsafe to trade, yet there are favorable circumstances why the hazard is not as much as exchanging other budgetary items. New traders, in particular, are afraid of losing a large amount of money. You can only lose the amount of your bet with binary trading. Traders obviously observe what they can lose in a trade. Contrasted with other exchanging instruments this is a major bit of leeway on the grounds that the hazard is restricted consistently.

One more advantage is that regardless of how much the market moves, you get a high capital payout. The price of the asset must be just above or below the entry point. Traders like this financial product because the risk and trade benefit are so easy to understand and quantify.


Always Invest the Amount that You can Afford to Lose in the Worst Case.

Choosing the Binary Options Demo Account: Is OK or Not?

Practicing Binary Options trading is very important for beginners as well as experienced traders. You’re given a free sample account by most brokers. It’s a digital money-free wallet. You will refill your account with one tap at all times. It’s a risk-free trade.

What is the Importance of Binary Options Demo Account?

Each trader ought to get familiar with the exchanging stage before he will invest genuine cash. Additionally, you can adopt new strategies or evaluate various techniques available. In the first place, build up your own technique with virtual cash.

Opening your First Real Account

Different criteria must be fulfilled to trade with real money. On most brokers, you can exchange and store without confirmation of your account. As I would like to think, each dealer ought to check his account before store cash. This can counteract irritating mistakes and holding uptime. For a full confirmation, you have to finish the account setup.

Sign in by entering your real personal information (full name, DOB, real address, email, and contact number). Always you have to upload the necessary documents to the broker after that. If you’re a real person, the company checks. Upload a Passport picture/copy. They also need a utility bill sometimes. Verification takes only 24 hours or less in most cases. You don’t need this verification process with some companies.

How Much Money is Needed to Start the Binary Options Trading?

With a very small amount of money you can start trading. You can open a live account with a deposit of $10.00, particularly on the IQ option. The minimum amount of trade is $1. The upper limit for your business is unlimited. Look at my reviews to find a broker that meets your needs. 

From my encounters as a trader, it is conceivable to profit with the correct strategy. Binary Options are the apparatus for trading with a little or huge measure of cash.

Factors about the deposit:

  • Start with only $10 in your Trade account
  • Commerce of 1 $per trade
  • You can also deal easily with high quantities

The base store relies upon the Binary Options Broker

Easy Deposit and Withdrawal

It is as simple as withdrawing profits as stated before the deposit. There are no deposit and withdrawal charges for most brokers. You can use more than 20 different ways to make payments. It is possible to capitalize on a few seconds on the trading account. In most cases, the payout is dependent on your broker’s 24-hour time.

Methods of Payment Depends on the Broker:

  • Bankwire
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Credit Cards (Master/VISA)
  • E-Wallets: Neteller, Yandex, ePayments, Skrill, FasaPay and more

Get a Free Bonus Amount for First Time Deposit

Most brokers offer a free bonus for your store or hazard-free trades. The bonus sum relies upon the store sum. It very well maybe a 20%,30%,50% or 100% bonus. As such, they give you a higher bonus for a higher score. Besides, a few brokers permit trading hazard-free trades. On the off chance that you lose an exchange, the intermediary repays the lost cash as a bonus.

The bonus is not entirely free of charge. Traders sometimes have to trade a high bonus turnover. In most situations, if you’re not happy with the terms, you should toggle off the reward. A reward is a good opportunity for more capital to develop a bigger account and trade.

Can Money Be Earned with trading Binary Options?

The way into your prosperity is to get decent instruction and locate an expert strategy. Therefore, with sensible money management, you have to monitor the risk. In this article, I gave you an insight into the profitability of binary options trading.

It’s simple with binary options to make money, but you need to be prepared. To newcomers, the markets are not easy to trade, and successful trading takes time. You’re not going to see immediate results. From my experience, the account is not blowing up by educated traders. They consistently earn money. To gain deeper knowledge, read through my other pages.

  • Education: This is the most significant point for apprentices. You ought to be set up for the business sectors and skill the monetary item works. There are various instructional exercises on the merchant site page or on my site to gain proficiency with the capacities. What’s more, it ought to be simple for you to utilize the trading foundation of your dealer. Simply practice in the demo account until you feel comfortable. Besides, most representatives offer further information. There are online courses, coachings, and instructional exercises. Instruction and information is the way to profiting with Binary Options.
  • Strategy: Developing or practicing a business strategy. In the business, you have to know what you’re doing. To you, it’s like a cycle that must always be repeated. You’re going to blow up your balance without a proper strategy. There are different ways a technique can be taught. Use a broker’s or my website expertise.
  • Management of Cash: Most merchants neglect to control the hazard. As I would see it, cash the board should be delicate by utilizing 0,5 – 3% of the account balance per exchange. At some point, a losing streak will happen. By utilizing touchy cash the board you can exchange without feelings and you can exchange enough exchanges without coming up short on cash.

In conclusion, with trading binary options, you can really make money, but you need to learn and invest your time in the right knowledge. Before you start investing real money, the demo account is the best way to practice.

Are Binary Options legit or not? – My Scam Review

In my view, the Binary Options are not a scam for your money. The financial product gives you the opportunity to invest in the market, opportunities in the short or long term. Binary Options are so common because they are so easy to understand and in a short time you can make a lot of money.

My Personal Advice to You:

Selecting a good broker is very critical. Many small brokers cheat clients, which is why many people believe that Binary Options is a scam. Definitely, if you deal with a safe company, it’s not a scam.

Basic Checklist for Beginners in Trading:

  • Select an assent that you think to invest for a handsome return.
  • Price change prediction.
  • Choose a fixed trading time.
  • Bet an amount starting 1$.
  • Trade a (long) call or a (short) call option.
  • Get gaining amount.
  • Payout the profit.

I’ve shown you how the financial product works on this website. Now, I think you can understand it easily and start trading with greater security. You can find out more about binary options on my other sites. Happy trading.

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Make a Demo Account

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Clear Ratings of Brokers for Beginners and Experienced Traders

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