The Most Helpful or The Best Binary Options Trading Platform

Looking for good binary options trading software? –Then on this page, you’re exactly right. I have checked and compared different trading platforms with more than 5 years of experience in the financial markets. Through my experience, I present the best code for trading in the following sections. Learn how to trade Binary Options step by step.

You can see what I think is the best technology for private traders in the image above. It is distinguished by the fact that it is very user-friendly and that it can be perfectly adapted to their own type of trading by the trader. I’ll give you a detailed guide to the roles in the following documents.

Important Points on the Binary Options Trading Software

  • The function of the Trade Binary Options is to exchange shares, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, forex (currencies), ETFs, etc.
  • The trading platform for each system is available.
  • Controlled and documented in Europe.
  • Allowed to use with a $ 10,000 battery-powered Demo Account
  • Real cash dealing with the least invest of 10 €
  • Support gets delivered to the customers all over the day and in 22 languages.
  • Research, reporting, technical analysis, guidance, etc.

Binary Options Software is Supported on All Devices

Today, having a flexible trading platform is particularly important for the private trader. This suggests that it is also necessary to use the platform from the road. You can control your portfolio at any time, all through the day, using the IQ Option Software. Download and use the mobile device app for it.

The benefit is that only one entry to the program is needed and your account is monitored. The Trading App for Binary Options is available for downloading on the mobile device and on desktop. In general, it is recommended to download the software to the PC as it runs smoother depending on the developers.

  • Each device has one access
  • Receive messages and warnings
  • Use your desktop, app or mobile phone
  • Account reporting 24/7

Binary Options Trading Platform installation is very easy to attain and required little expertise. Download the software with just one click in your browser or app store. You are always informed by the manufacturer about the latest updates as well. The platform is frequently updated and improved from my experience. IQ Option is, as it is constantly evolving, one of the most innovative companies in the trading market.


Every feature of the software is available as you will get on your desktop device.

Demo Account for Both Traders (Beginners or Advanced)

Beginners and experienced traders can use a free demo account to try and test the trading platform. The demo account is sufficient for risk-free trading. The trading software has an integrated virtual credit account with $10,000. With just one tap, this can be paid as often as I want.

It is also very easy to switch between the demo account and the real money account with just one tap. The demo account is perfect for practice and perfect for one’s business. Traders may, for example, test new markets or learn strategies. I recommend each trader to test the Binary Options Trading Platform in the demo account for the first time and learn the functions from my experience. For later real money trading, capital-intensive errors can be avoided.

Fast and free opening of the Account

A trading account for binary options can be opened in a couple of minutes. You get direct access to the trading platform with just an e-mail address and a secure password. You can trial and start trading directly for all functions in the demo account.

Prior to the real money trade, your identity must be determined by the Binary Options Broker. Additional personal data must be given for a full account opening. The broker will give you every step of the account opening instructions. In just a few hours, the process can be completed. Upload the required documents to the back office to do this. The reports were checked within 24 hours from my knowledge. All account features are unlocked after that, and you can start trading with real money.

Activities of the Binary Options Platform

I would like to explore the IQ Option trading platform features in the following section. The software provides a variety of settings and my knowledge is very client-friendly. All apps are just a few clicks away, unlike other platforms. It meant a very lightweight layout that suits the trader’s demands very well. You can see a live computer screenshot in the image below.

It is Very Easier to Select a Platform

You can easily choose one of the over 400 different markets with the menu. The broker for binary options is striving to expand its offer. For example, it is a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrencies and offers to trade a variety of virtual currencies. With just one button, pick currencies, shares, indices, commodities, cryptos, ETFs or options for trading. The new chart window opens immediately with the asset of your choice.

You can flip back and forth through the upper switching bar with just one click between the open markets. It is also possible to observe several markets side by side at the same time. The dealer can arrange the charts arbitrarily. So you can design your own workplace.

Besides the selection, you can also see the market’s direct features. For instance, take a look at the current spread, leverage, and daily change. You can obtain more information by using the info button (screenshot below).

You can display this information directly on the trading platform:

  • The Binary Options ‘ yield. 
  • The asset’s market distribution. 
  • Total (multiplier) leverage. 
  • Normal shifts and other traders ‘ positions. 
  • Market information and property information. 
  • Data of the direct sector will be reflected

Charting in the Trading Software for Binary Options

Charting is another important point in choosing an acceptable binary options trading platform. Based on fundamental and technical data, many private traders make their trading decisions. It is possible to use indicators and chart formations to develop trading methods. The chart’s settings can be found in the software’s bottom left corner.

The candlesticks are the most popular representation of the chart. This candle formation provides a lot of information for the trader to interpret the movement of the market. The trading software offers three additional display options in addition to the candlestick. Choose from Candlesticks, Line Map, Bar Chart, and Ashi Hekin. It is also possible to customize the colors.

  • Row diagram
  • Chart of candles (Candlesticks).
  • Bar Map. 
  • Ashi, heikin. 
  • It is possible to adjust the colors individually.

Indicators and tools for drawing are available free of charge

For technical analysis, indicators and drawing tools are important. Currently, IQ Option’s trading technology provides more than 50 different indicators that the investor can add independently. This also operates in the bottom left corner through the menu. For example, to create your own desktop, select Volume, Trend, or Momentum indicators. You can save the settings as a template and duplicate them as needed.

Besides the indicators, a number of drawing tools are also available. So it is possible to do a complete technical analysis. For example, to create your own desktop, select Volume, Trend, or Momentum indicators. You can save the settings as a model and repeat them as needed.

Besides the indicators, a variety of drawing tools are also available. So it is possible to do a full technical analysis. There are several books on Amazon, for example, but the trading platform of IQ Option also allows you to learn a lot about technical analysis in Video Education and apply the methods to the chart.

You can adapt and adjust the tools and indicators as desired:

You can also set more than 18 different time units in addition to the graphs. The collection varies from a chart of 5 seconds to a chart of 1 month.

  • Technical Analysis Tools
  • Over fifty different indicators
  • Customizable personally
  • As required, the settings can be duplicated

This is how the trading platform’s order execution works

Order execution is very user-friendly at the IQ option. You pick any bet (from € 1) and begin your investment. Many other Forex trading sites and binary options confuse the dealer with “lots.” This is not the case with the trading platform offered. Leveraged options are sold as well as financial products. The multiplier (leverage) is known in the window below by the seller. If you want to trade forex or CFDs, the leverage can also be customized with just a few clicks.

Binary Options: 

Trade execution on the Binary Options Trading Platform is very easy and very fast. Predict the movement of the chart and trade in the direction you want. There are also various horizons of time available. The binary options start from 60 seconds to expiry time of more than 1 week.  You can see in the order mask the risk and the possible return of the investment. Just click one and open your position.

CFDs and Forex:

Trading lever increases the size of your bet or places high. The broker provides the trader with a lower leverage margin to open larger positions. In many markets, this is essential, as there is low volatility (movement).

The automatic loss (stop loss) and benefit cap (take profit) can be used to hedge positions. These are the most important tools for handling roles. Therefore, the risk may be limited. Then invest with just one tap in declining or rising courses. In the trading platform, it is not only possible to place market orders (direct purchase/sale), but also limits. The trader may choose a specific price at which he will automatically buy or sell, depending on the strategy. You will see the order mask in the image below.

The potential profit via the sidebar is another advantage of the order mask. In a particular market shift, the trader will quickly see what percentage he gains or loses. This can greatly assist with the opening of the role.

The order mask’s functions: 

  • invest any sum (from € 1). 
  • Choose from a different time of expiry. 
  • Choose the correct multiplier (leverage). 
  • Protect the position and take gain with a stop loss. 
  • Invest in courses that are rising or falling. 
  • Use automatic limiters as well.


The ordermask ist very user-friendly and suitable for professional trading.

Forex, stock and cryptocurrencies market news

You can find a wide variety of news on the trading platform under “Market Analysis.” The messages are divided into different segments: General News, Forex (Currency) News, Cryptocurrency News, Market News. Especially the income calendar for shares offers the trader a huge advantage. For example, the trader can react very quickly to fresh corporate data.

In summary, the range of internet and analytics that are perfectly crafted for tradable assets at IQ Option. You can be one step ahead of other merchants with fast access to the news.

First deposit on the Trading Platform for Binary Options

First, before making the first deposit, I recommend that each trader check his trading account in full. You can then use all of the functions smoothly. The deposit is completely free and no hidden costs are incurred. You can use eight different methods of deposit. The account capitalization works in real-time through electronic methods.

The minimum deposit is just € 10. The system for trading is designed for low and high trading of assets. Beginners are first able to approach small amounts.

Payment of funds to customers

Customer funds disbursement works just as well as the deposit. You can order a withdrawal from your account through the menu. Within 24 hours, this payment will be checked and typically sent even sooner. There are only bank transfer fees. Depending on the account, this may differ

  1. Deposits and withdrawals free of charge
  2. Use bank transfers, instant bank transfer, credit cards, Neteller, Skrill, etc.
  3. Within 24 hours, payouts

Support and service to customers

Customer support for traders is another important point. With just one click, you can contact the support directly on the trading platform. It works through an integrated conversation. You can even write in a group chat with other merchants.

Support is available 24 hours a week by phone, chat, or email. For this company, German employees work around the clock. These questions are answered professionally from my experience. There are account managers for merchants with higher deposits (VIP from € 3000).

  • A week’s 24/7 support. 
  • Telephone, chat or email support. 
  • Built-in trading platform chat function.

To sum up, there is a very good customer service for IQ Choice. Here, in particular, beginners will be assisted competently. Video learning is ideal for further education with over 200 separate informative videos.


IQ Option offers a VIP account from a deposit of 3000$ or more. You can get a higher return in Binary Options Trading up to 96%*.

Conclusion on Best Trading Software for Binary Options 2019

IQ Option is currently the best private trader binary options trading software. I gave you a great overview of the platform on this page. Though, due to time constraints, I was unable to give you full details of all the features, so you can open a free demo account to check the system yourself.

The development of the code is user-friendly. From a single trading platform, you can exchange a variety of different financial products. There are the right tools and news for the study. In addition, there are extremely low trading costs and you always get a top execution.

In summary, IQ Option offers the best overall package:

  • From a single platform, trading binary options, shares, commodities, futures, forex, cryptos, ETFs
  • A provider that is governed and safe
  • A low minimum 10 $deposit and 1 $trades
  • User-friendly forum for trading
  • Numerous analytical and charting features
  • Quick deposit and cancelation