The Best Strategies That Are Followed In Binary Options – Rapid Process

I’m going to show you my best strategy for Binary Options on this page. It has a hit rate of more than 60%. In any timeframe like 60 seconds or higher expiry time, you can easily use it. The Martingale technique can also be used to boost performance. The “False Breakout Strategy” is named. It works on any asset and in any timeline. Know how to trade in a few moments profitably. Look for the first impressions in the picture below.

If you only trade in this style of trading, a lot of money can be made. Just look for a high/low or support and resistance in the markets and wait for a fake breakout. I’ll give you more information to win against the market in the next chapters!

Binary Options Strategy: What is the Need for It?

Strategies for Binary Options can be different methods of market trading. First of all, a strategy for binary options doesn’t have to be hard. Simple ideas and methods can be used to make money. It is therefore important to apply strict rules for market trading. The most common error is not to abide by your own rules! A good strategy also reduces emotional and irrational trading.

Most traders are losing their money because they have no proven method and strategy to trade. Advanced traders know how the market works and they are very much practicing their own methods. You need to learn and acquire higher market awareness. From my experience, trading effectively in a short time period is not easy to learn. I’ll give you strict rules for market trading in the following article, and I’ll show you how simple and effective the strategy works.

4 Professional Trader steps:

  1. Research on financial product and the market
  2. Built Knowledge regarding Binary Options Strategy
  3. Start by a Demo Account.
  4. If you trade successfully, start trading with real money

False Breakout: Strategy for Best Binary Options

A false breakout is an easy way for the markets to trade. It doesn’t work very well to trade breakouts. I’ve tested it in the past several times (I’m going to show you why it doesn’t work well below). Most of the time, the market returns after a breakout.

All you need to do is find a rate (high/low or support/resistance) and wait until the market breaks the point. You can go short (put) and long (call) if the market returns.

False Breakout: The market crosses a high/low or support/resistance and returns to the point and remains below / higher. Support/resistance in a row is more than one high/low. You can use this approach with any asset/market in any timeframe. It is the same for every place. See the below image!

Why is this Strategy of Binary Options working so well?

It’s important to have more knowledge of this question. There are a lot of stop-losses on the market from other traders at highs and lows. This knowledge is used by professional traders to obtain high liquidity for their own positions. They quit or open a high liquidity trade. In most cases, they will fake this breakout, or because of closed positions, the market will turn.

Most traders are going to trade these breakouts. To make them lose money, algorithms are programmed and triggered.


  • With a breakout, stop-losses are caused
  • This expertise is used for opening or closing broad positions
  • In most cases, the market will turn around.
  • Most stop-loss means improved liquidity
  • It’s sometimes a short turn, and sometimes the trend will completely change

What are the Best Levels for Trading?

The best levels for this strategy of binary options are new and fresh highs and lows! With several highs in a row, this level is more likely to break the market. Look for new and exciting tops. The level should be created in the present day for the best results. See below the image.

In addition, the V-Form was given the best levels. In the picture below, I’ll show you. The V-Form is clearly seen on the market by many other traders. On these points, they placed their stop-losses. The V-form can also be traded as help and resistance. I’m just waiting for the V-form fake breakout. It works with a high hit rate and with Binary Options you can easily make money.

Time to Choose Your Entry for Dummies

Risky traders open a position in front of the breakout directly. There is, in my experience, a smarter way of achieving good results. I’ll show your exact entries in the picture below. Choose the market level. You will open the trade if the market goes back to the level. It’s as simple as it sounds. Often, to make a profit, you will need 2-3 trades. That’s why if I lose a deal, I double my investment amount.

Information for you: You can wait for a closing candle below/above the breakout level to get a better confirmation.

Which TimeFrame is Correct to Select for the Binary Options Strategy?

For this strategy, you can use any time frame. The time for your research doesn’t matter. Only the asset’s price matters. No skilled trader is worried about the time. You will see that it is more difficult to trade small time frames because you have to pay more attention to the market. You need to respond much more rapidly than in higher timescales. In conclusion, it matters only the asset price.

Control of Capital for the Best Success

Money management is part of every strategy of binary options. You’re going to lose everything without the right money management. This mistake is made by most traders. With one Binary Option, I personally prefer to gamble 1–5 percent of my trading account. So you can lose some business without completely destroying your account. The handling of cash always relies on the dealer. Some traders are very aggressive and have to invest a lot of money. Basically, you have to know how much money you want to lose for yourself.

Many traders use 10% or more of the trading account balance. For instance, if you have 4 losing trades in a row, your account balance is less than 40%. I think it’s crazy to use this risk. For one trade, the most professional traders use a risk of 0.5 –1.5% of their portfolio. From my experience, if you lose a huge amount of money in a short time horizon or a few trades, you will get tough emotions.

First of all, it sounds like a tough task to spend just 1 percent or less of your portfolio, but in the future you will earn a lot of money with a consistent and continuing trading strategy. When you make a profit of 2 percent every day, for instance, the account will rise really high in a couple of weeks.

Martingale for the Binary Options Strategy for False Breakout

You can use the famous “Martingale Strategy” to achieve better results. You can double your investment or use more than 2,3x of the last investment in the next trade if you lose your trade. This is very dangerous, but it’s a safe way to work with a successful strategy. I think “Martingale” should only be used by seasoned traders.

A martingale is a few trades that can blow up your account. Only when I feel really comfortable for the next trade to do I use it and I suggest these followings:

  • Using sensible management of capital (I prefer to risk 1-5 percent per trade)
  • For experienced traders, Martingale is a good way (double the trading amount if you lose)

Beware of Market News

The market economic news (image below) is another real objection of effective trading. This economic news is used by many investors to trade the market. It’s like betting, in my mind, because you don’t know the news outcome. Therefore, when the news emerges, you will slow to react quickly. In less than 0,01 seconds, orders are triggered. Automatic trading systems are quicker than you are!

To conclude, trade-in economic news is not a good idea. My advice to you: stop doing business 10 minutes before and after the news. The volatility is very high and the market is going to jump right across your screen in most cases. The market is not concerned with the figures, as they are already priced in.

Get Started – Use your Strategy with a Good Binary Broker

The best Binary Options Brokers can be found in the table below. Using a broker with good charting software is very critical. The candlesticks/chart must be analyzed for the false breakouts. Trading a successful strategy for a bad broker is useless because they may not be paying your profit. I’ve tested and recommended several brokers on my website.

To practice this new method of market trading, you can build a demo account. My recommended brokers are offering you an unlimited and free account. The words are the same as in the style of real money.

The trading code for carrying out your trades is another relevant point. The graph should be interpreted in the best way possible. Use the row or candlestick chart. I prefer the edition of the candlestick. The platform provides the drawing tools and you can begin in a couple of seconds.

Good Broker Qualities

  • Regulation
  • High profits from assets
  • Free demo account
  • Flexible medium for exchange
  • Good customer service and support

The brokers below provide you with the highest return and perhaps the most functional trading platforms.

Broker: Review: Regulation: Yield: Advantages: Open Account:
1. IQ Option
5 out of 5 stars(5 / 5)
Read Review
CySEC (EU) up to 100%+ Best Platform
Highest Yield
Best Support
2. Olymp Trade
4.8 out of 5 stars(4.8 / 5)
Read Review
IFC 92%+ Huge diversity
High Yield 92%
Bonus Program
3. Expert Option
4.8 out of 5 stars(4.8 / 5)
Read Review
VFSC, FMRRC 90%+ Good Platform
Account Types
Good Education

Conclusion of the Initiators ‘ Best Binary Options Strategy

I’ve shown you on this site how it works with Binary Options to make a profit. Just use the “false strategy of breakout”. First of all, this strategy is important to practice. For virtual money, you can use a free demo account.

Allow the following steps:

  1. Find the perfect market level. This can be low or high in volume. You can also use support lines and lines of resistance. These are higher or lower at the same price in a row. This strategy works well with new and fresh highs/lows.
  1. Wait for a level break. The market is never going to break your level. It’s no problem as there are plenty of opportunities every day on the market.
  1. If the breakout is complete and the market returns to the level you can make an option to call or place. (It depends on the position of the breakout).

It’s a very flexible strategy. With every timeline, asset or sector, you can use it. You only need a blank map of candlesticks or row as well as a horizontal drawing line tool for effective market trading. I demonstrated to you how the market works at highs and lows on this blog. With this experience, you are aware of more than 95% of the world’s traders. Good luck and good business;)